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What is Tantra (Tantric massage)?

Tantra is one of sophisticated sexual techniques to achieve a perfect and protracted orgasm. It's like a mystical art, which allows us to combine knowledge and knowledge stored within us with the cosmos in search and enjoying the ecstasy. It is therefore a link of emotion, art, sexuality, creativity, spirituality and joy which we use all our senses, active and conscious inner meditation, we can savor the present moment.

In Tantra is a total harmony of mind and body of two individuals. According to the tantric tradition is just a woman initiator of love, the bearer of life, beginning with her ​​genitals to the last bend or corner of her body. The Tatra is worshiped feminine energy as the unifying catalyst for reviving spiritual and sexual transformation, because then the woman becomes the epitome of feminine energy and through tantra devotee can overcome their male common human destiny and achieve sexual ecstasy and spiritual awakening. For this reason, leads tantric teaching men to properly appreciated and praised the sexuality of women and surrendered to the unlimited capabilities.

Tantric sexual energy is to touch and feel the skin of your partner is the first step towards rapprochement and mutual pleasure of tantric session and still more gently grasp it and enjoy the embrace, which is still confidential. Mutual exchange of love energy is a way to activate the chakras and stimulate the sacred energy. The woman has a positive poles in the chest and heart, negative in the genitals. The male body has a positive poles in the genitals and negative in the chest and heart. Between positive and negative pole with a magnetic field, which causes the whole body spiraling increases sexual energy that flows from the head to the brain, down to the genitals. In Tantra this energy to the brain comes back again without release through orgasm.

The magic of tantric massage is not so much in the implementation of well-defined movements, but rather through their hands with partner stimulate sensory impulses, causing feelings of tenderness and safety. It is essential therefore to have a rather carry intuition and heart to show us where and how to properly touch your lover, as well as when to stop or, conversely, increase the intensity of contact. In doing so, let us keep in mind that our goal - and therefore the aim of tantric massage - not achieving orgasm (even if it should be), but enjoyment and pleasure.

Tantra massage we provide in our night club in Prague, so feel free to visit us, we look forward to seeing you.

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