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Dear customers, our club is fully open including all our services and bar. We regularly clean and disinfect all areas and use UV-C lamps to kill viruses and bacteria. We look forward to contacting you by phone for more information +420 775 077 775


布拉格最好的夜总会之一。 如此独家又便宜!

AAA Exclusive Club - Night Club Prague

欢迎来到我们夜总会的页面 - Cabaret和Striptease Bar。 在我们的俱乐部,您可以享受优雅的氛围,并与性感的金发,红发和黑发女孩一起表演。 我们的夜总会是布拉格的顶级夜总会之一,位于布拉格市中心附近的Šrobárova6, 10100 Prague 10-Vinohrady,捷克共和国。 我们的俱乐部距离Flora地铁站有300米,位于Korunní方向,是Flora地铁左侧的第二条街。

我们的夜总会和酒吧非常受欢迎,因此我们的俱乐部被认为是一个私人性感的夜总会,在捷克共和国布拉格享有盛誉。 我们的夜总会AAA Exclusive Club Prague是大多数布拉格夜总会的另一个服务质量类别。 快来看看俱乐部并查看我们的TOP质量或致电我们,我们的出租车将带您免费进入俱乐部。

  +420 775 077 775



利用我们夜总会的专业服务,享有独特的优势。 在我们位于布拉格市中心附近的夜总会,您将体验到精彩的脱衣舞表演,裸露的舞蹈,色情按摩,性感的密宗按摩,在特殊的BDSM房间里提供一流的BDSM服务,还有一个带小吃吧的广泛的饮料酒吧 你的零食。
根据您的要求,我们可以安排性感的生日派对(B-DAY PARTY)和性感的告别派对或周末自由活动,包括可选的服务套餐。

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我们位于布拉格市中心的夜总会拥有独特的环境,梦幻般的氛围,优秀的音乐和最好的娱乐。 酒吧的专业服务和个人客户服务是理所当然的。
来到我们的夜总会,在我们的夜总会里玩得开心,坐下来,喝酒,欣赏表演,甚至跳舞,并与女孩们玩耍,这些女孩子真的很性感,很好,很酷,友好和友善。 夜总会为你准备了一个储备充足的酒吧,你一定会为自己刷新自己。 当然,在我们的夜总会,您可以租一间房间来度过私密的性感时刻,并与梦中的女孩一起放松。 


Admission to the night club is only 300 CZK (12 €, 13 $). Includes free Prague transport to our nightclub with our taxi transport, TOPLESS DANCE, 1 drink and always pleasant atmosphere with good mood and especially sexy beautiful girls who are very pleased with you in our nightclub.

Free transportation to the club

Do not Call Taxi and Save! Most taxi drivers are encouraged to go to another nightclub where a taxi driver will reward a very fat commission that you pay in the final. We do not have such a principle, and we clearly reject it. If you call us, we will arrive in Prague for free in 15km.

The import to the club is free of charge within 15km of Prague by our own transportation. If you are away for more than 15km, you will only pay for the price per kilometer over 15km by mutual agreement. In the case of free carriage of our car and the non-use of any services, we reserve the right to charge the charge 300 CZK (12 €,13 $).

If you plan to come to our Prague nightclub, call from 20H.

  +420 775 077 775

Transport from the club back

Transport back to your place is free of charge in Prague for up to 15km with a club cost over 3 000 CZK (120 €, 130 $). Otherwise, a return trip is charged by our car according to the agreement, even if you have not used the free transportation to the club.

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在AAA独家俱乐部夜总会,您将遇到并见到长期热爱我们的性感女孩(金发女郎,黑发女郎,红发女郎和黑发女郎)。 选择女孩见面真的很棒,他们可爱的外表会吸引每个人。 作为客户的行为和吸引力是我们布拉格夜总会的首要任务。 我们的客户谁访问我们的夜总会总是很乐意推荐并喜欢回到我们这里。 

Come and meet with companions in our exclusive nightclub in center of Prague and choose a sexy girl of your dreams and fulfill your wishes and enjoy new experiences.

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Maximum hygiene and disinfection

We guarantee that we clean and disinfect all areas in our club several times a day and use UV lamps to kill microbes, which reliably destroy all viruses and bacteria.

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★ Themed party on Thursdays MARCH 2020 ★

05.03. Cocktail party night
12.03. White sexy night
19.03. Sv. Patrick JAMESON night

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Every night at midnight lesbian show

Every evening in our club at midnight performances of sexy lesbians including shows. Come to our nightclub and enjoy great entertainment and shows.

Gift: Bottle of Moët & Chandon to VIP Jacuzzi or Versace room from 60 minutes

Rent in our exclusive nightclub Jacuzzi VIP room or Versace room and we will give you a bottle of Moet & Chandon 0.75 l free for a better experience.

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Every third shot free (2+1 GRATIS)

Every third shot free (2+1 GRATIS) - Whisky, bourbon, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, cognac, liqueur, other alcohols 0.04l.

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Discreet transport to the club and back for free with our car

Do not call a classic taxi and save with our transport! The import to the club is free of charge to 15km at Prague with our discreet transport from the club. If you are far more than 15km, you will only pay for the price per kilometer above 15km by mutual agreement. Entrance fee 300 CZK (12 €, 13 $) includes EROTIC DANCE SHOW, 1 drink.

Call from 20:00 +420 775 077 775

Discreet transport from the club back

Discreet transport back to your place is free of charge in Prague for up to 15km if you paid in our club over 3 000 CZK (120 €, 130 $). Otherwise, a return trip is charged by our car according to the agreement, even if you have not used the free transportation to the club. 

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我们布拉格夜总会的愉快时刻和色情表演的价格质量足够,相信将我们与布拉格的廉价私人夜总会相提并论是没有意义的。 我们俱乐部没有压力,真的没有! 您花多少钱和想要花多少钱取决于您。 我们会让您坐下来,享受我们俱乐部的美妙氛围,没有人会打扰您。


기사, 관심사

Enjoyable Prague

Charles bridge is the most visited sight of Prague. It was founded in 1357 by king Charles IV. For five centuries it was city´s only bridge. Now used only by pedestrians. About 27 000 people walk across the bridge every day.The bridge is 515 m long and connects the Old Town of Prague with the Little Quarter. It is a place where you can enjoy a big offer of art and souvenirs but have to be careful of pickpockets!

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如需查询我们夜总会中特定性感女孩或同伴的可用情况,请利用我们的俱乐部论坛,我们的员工将尽快回复。 通过论坛,写下任何问题,祝福等。 对于预订,陪同或有关服务的详细信息,我们建议您通过电话或使用网站底部的联系表单与我们联系。

Hello, Fred. Tonight work Adriana, Andy, Bianca, Mona, Eva, Rita, Tamara, Theresa, Týna, Zara, Klarisa, Karolína, Grace, Kira. On Friday work Adriana, Amy, Bianca, Kate, Kaira, Michell, Mona, Rita, Theresa, Týna, Zara, Grace, Nora, Julie.

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Hello, which girls work tonight and tomorrow? Thanks

fred24.9.2020 18:39:19

Dobrý večer, Karle a Petře. Slečna Amy a Julie bude od pátku do neděle.

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB22.9.2020 21:32:23

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