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Magic tantric massage

One of the most important means of communication, love is undoubtedly touch. It is the hand that we can use in contact with a partner - and not only the physical but also the emotional and spiritual level. Besides that Tantric massage is a great way to worship the body of our partner, can serve as the perfect prelude tantric sexual union or maithuna.

Communication touch

When performing tantric massage is so important to carry out a precise movements, but rather through their hands to encourage partner with sensory impulses inducing feelings of tenderness and safety. It is essential therefore more likely to let intuition and heart to properly show us where and how to touch your lover, as well as when to stop or, conversely, increase the intensity of contact. In doing so, let us keep in mind that our goal - and therefore the goal of tantric massage - not achieving orgasm (even if it could happen), but enjoyment and pleasure.

Effects of massage increases the use of aromatic oils and lubricants: aromatherapy, secondly, contribute to sensitize and create the ideal environment of intimacy and then have our hands better glide over the skin of our partner. We may použítjakýkoli kind of oil or rubrikantu, but the best results for tantric massage brings aromatic essential oils of rosemary, lemon or tangerine, because they stimulate the senses. For this type of massage is also recommended rose essential oil, because its effect is extremely sensual and according to the situation can calm down or vice versa excited state of mind. In addition, a positive effect on people suffering from sexual dysfunction like essential oil of ylang-ylang. To enhance the benefits of sensual caresses and tenderness may choose oil of myrrh, which also scent an entire room.

The environment in which you make or receive a massage should act primarily as a pleasant oasis of peace secured against all disturbing elements. The best lighting is dim, shielded, or some such, which issued candles. As background music, select a romantic and emotional music that let's just quietly, although you can choose a complete silence when we listen to a sultry sound of your partner's breath as well.

Apart from a few specific areas, such as the genitals, which require special treatment, tantric massage can be performed on the surface of the body. Delicate and sensitive touch palm may začítod toes, thighs go up to the flanks, where only superficially dotknemeokolí genitals, then returns his attention and energy on the abdomen and then focus on the area around the spine - from kostrčeaž the scruff of the neck - hence the breast and finally, the greatest love and tenderness massage the face and hlavusvého partner.

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