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Dear customers, come visit us today, our club is already open. You can also use the reservation service by phone or visit us directly. We observe the highest possible hygiene measures and everything is strictly disinfected.

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Seznam příspěvků

Abdul: urcite neboj, ona te vyplati....to budes koukat.....

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB15.12.2008 01:26:01

Ahoj,chtěl bych vás naštívyt, ale chci aby divka kterou si vyberu platila mně a né já jí šlo by to ?

Abdul15.12.2008 00:49:57

BASIL:středa/wednesday: Vanessa Denisa Sabina Simona Vanda Katka Petra Jena Karolina Eva Liliana an Jenny

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB14.12.2008 18:56:00

Good evening. Which girls will be there next wednesday? Thx

Basil14.12.2008 18:31:00

Tuesday/úterý:Sabina Simona Jitka Vanda Katka Petra Karolína and Kristýna

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB13.12.2008 18:42:23

Monday/pondělí:Denisa Sabina Vilma Amy Karolina and Kristina

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB13.12.2008 18:41:06

Hello. Would it be possible to know also who will be present on monday, tuesday and friday? Thanks

Joe13.12.2008 11:43:38

Nedele/Sunday: Nikita, Nikola, Amy, Vanda, Isabel, Karolina, Pavlina

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB11.12.2008 21:55:46

Sobota/Saturday: Nikita, Simona, Nikola, Jitka, Katka, Isabel, Karolina, Jenca, Marta, Lenka, Sarlota

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB11.12.2008 21:53:35

Pátek/Friday: Nikita, Denisa, Simona, Nikola, Amy, Jitka, Ktka, Jenca, Karolina, Marta, Eva, Sarlota

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB11.12.2008 21:52:23

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