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Foire aux questions (FAQ)

How far out of centre of Prague are you now?

Its really not far, lets say 5min from Venceslas Square by car, we are still in wider centre.

How many girls is usually in the club at the night? 

In our club you should to find every night from at least 10-20girls and we also focus to their look!!! 

What girls will be at the club at some specific day?

We cant never know exactly more than one week before what girls should be present. Anyway always you can meet at least 60% of the girls from our photos anytime you come + more girls who dont have photos yet or will not have as some of them dont want. 

Why do you have just a few girls present at your site?

Many escort agencies or night clubs inserts many faked photos and many times send you another girl. There are only a few serious clubs and escorts with real photos of their girls. In our club&escort you will see that we are among them. That is why we dont have "thousants" of girl's photos. Our girls perform your wishes and they are waiting for you to come or for your call when you ask them to come to you. Some of the girls are displayed here, but it doesn't show our full selection of ladies at our club.

How much is the initial entrance fee for each person and what does include?

Our very small entrance fee 200,- Czk (11€) includes: small erotic show, free drink,amazing, friendly and nice ambient and company and also free transport to our club!with one of our discreet and good quality cars. (Until 15km distance. If there is not taken room, we charge 150-200,-Czk {8-11€} only.
(This offer pays ONLY for the way TO GET to the club (one way)! Way back with our car is already charged (not expensive), even you have not used pick up service.)

Are your discounts or special actions combinable?

Of course not. As special action (discount) are counted also Happy Hours. So if you like to use our usually free pick up service, you cant get Happy Hours price or to use our generall discount voucher 500,-Czk. Always only one action offer (discount). Its up to you which one is the best for you. 

How does the booking system go for the girls?

By the phone, we speak English. If you are already in the club , than simply ask a girl or bar mate.

Can I take the girl out for overnight and how much the average cost?

Of course you can. For prices see our pricelist.

Whom shall I meet when I get to your club?

First you come to talk to bar mate, she will help you with all needed, she is your "first contact here" and she makes your first moments absolutely comfortable.

About girls:

Its always depends what girls are here actually, and mostly we dont know this long time before, so the best what we can suggest is : Simply come to join us, enjoy nice evening or its part and you will see, we are sure, you always choose for your satisfaction.

Do any of the girls do any extra services like anal etc.?

Thats really up to the discussion with the girls. Feel free to join us in our really great and nice club, make yourself relaxed and discuss with our girls anything you want. 

Are couples welcome and how much for it?

Yes, nice couples are welcome. Price for time with a girl at the room is double, same as when two men take a girl together. 


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