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Hledáme nové dívky do našeho příjemného prostředí klubu. Zavolejte, nebo se u nás zastavte na drink. Uvidíte, že je u nás příjemná atmosféra. Podrobnosti o spolupráci naleznete i zde.

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AAA Exclusive Club Praha si vyhrazuje právo smazat jakékoliv nevhodné příspěvky.

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Ahoj které dívky budou o víkendu??

peter26.11.2008 09:29:46

jeni te papam lale ju qifsha te gjithave

eldi26.11.2008 09:15:26

I was really satisfied with this club, because it was more friendly than other big escort club that I had visited in the mid of the city the day before. I understand a reasonable price because in the big club, many male saff were working, while in this club, only few necessary bar mates were there. ( The bar mate was so kind.) Ladies are pleasant to talk and they are sometimes shy and not professional. My poor english speaking was accepted by them. Charming ladies in attitude! Room was neat and clean. Jetoka accepted my additional request and she enjoyed her additional job. Once you become open-minded, the club will give you a deep satisfaction. I guarantee.

Japonesky26.11.2008 04:27:52

lars: thank you, always nice to "hear" that

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB25.11.2008 18:30:59

tomas: dekujeme :)

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB25.11.2008 18:30:01

hey just want to say that after a week in prague, your club was the best. nice people and we had a blast there! thank you guys so much for that. especially wilma;)

lars25.11.2008 14:25:00

dont really understand you explanation port, but what I can tell you is, that you should to ask directly on the bar our bar mates for everithing and also to complain them, they are there to fix that up

AAA EXCLUSIVE CLUB25.11.2008 05:43:07

ahojte, mate moc pekne stranky.

tomas25.11.2008 00:28:36

very disappointed with your club, after entering we found your girls very standoffish, and was only after ten minutes the bar lady asked what we were interested in, after choosing our girls we went to the rooms and after an hour was out with no option to pay more. the girls didnt even fancy doing things you would expect them to do. all in all 3 out of ten. and that 3 was for the taxi home.

port24.11.2008 20:44:00

Sexy dívky, společnice Praha

Přijdtě se seznámit se společnicemi do našeho exkluzivního night clubu v Praze blízko centra a vyberte si sexy dívku svých snů a splňte si své tužby a dopřejte si nové zážitky.

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